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One of Australia’s most qualified business and life coaches, Tim has experience in taking companies such as Facebook, Estée Lauder, NOVA, Spotify and Domain to the next level through his tailored business coaching.


15 years’ experience and over 3000+ hours of 1:1 coaching has seen Tim work with both business and individuals to help them plan, develop, measure and grow towards building a better future.


Founding his own business coaching company BUILD in 2013, Tim is a regular speaker at international conferences and seminars. He is often called upon for quotes by both radio and print publications.


“I got into coaching because I wanted to help people get as excited about life as I am. Cheesy I know, but it’s for real. Seeing an individual’s or a team’s transformation to their desired state is super rewarding, immensely satisfying and basically just awesome! I feel very privileged to be part of the journey,” says Tim.

“I started my coaching journey because I have a deep love of the human spirit and I want to see and help as many people as possible make the most out of themselves and their situation. My role as a coach is to hold up a mirror for you to see how you language, think and approach all the different situations in your life, your relationships or your career.

“It’s my role to make sure you feel up to date and excited with who you are and where you are heading. I work to help people learn to listen to their authentic self and to find focus in the areas of their life that are most important. I’ve seen enough clients change dramatically to know that anything is possible.”

"I help people uncover their best self and start actioning their life from that version of themselves – not who they were five year's ago or ten year’s ago – but who they are NOW and who they want to become"

Tim Simons

Some Fun Facts

Hours of 1:1 coaching
Years in the field
Launched first business
New York Marathon completed


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

More clarity through better communications with yourself. Elevate conversation skills free of internal opinions. Strengthen personal skills and confidence levels. Create a more mindful relationship with yourself and those around you.

Conference Speaking

Conference Speaking

The sharing of useful and relevant topics that audience members can interact and relate to immediately. Options for discussing a range of topics and insights gleaned from thousands of hours studying human behaviour.

Team Workshops

Team Workshops

Fun, interactive, bespoke workshops aimed to meet your outcomes. Create a space for all team members to contribute. Real time tools and strategies that can be used in day-to-day roles and responsibilities.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Learn to have a more supportive relationship with yourself. Deepen your understanding of human behaviour. Feel more energy and clarity of thought in your decision making. Discover self management tools to help live life on your terms.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Learn and deepen authentic leadership style. Increase unity and trust through good communications. Create leadership values and self management strategies. Systemise leadership strategies to develop and motivate teams.

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